Code Coverage

The latest version of Xdebug changed the way how code coverage works. It now depends on a specific mode that has to be set within the configuration of XDebug.

Dockware delivers this mode in debug and not in the required coverage mode.

It's still easy to enable code coverage for your project. Just follow these steps...

Enable XDebug

Make sure to enable XDebug either by using the environment variable or by using the makefile commands in the folder /var/www

Set Coverage Mode

You can always change the mode by exposing a new environment variable before your command. That means if you want to use code coverage for your PHPUnit tests, simply add the exposing of the correct XDEBUG_MODE directly before your command.

XDEBUG_MODE=coverage php vendor/bin/phpunit

That's it! Your coverage reports are now generated if configured with your testing framework!

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