Error Port not available

If you start your container and you get an error such as this one, then it does only mean that you already have a service (or another Docker container) running on that port.

Ports are not available: listen tcp bind: An attempt was made to access a socket 
in a way forbidden by its access permissions

"Localhost" along with the port of a container are the unique identifier in Docker. This means, that a container cannot be started if the port is already blocked.

To fix this please use these steps.

1. Verify Docker Containers

Check all your existing Docker containers and remove the one, that uses the port that you need for your new container.

# show ALL containers
docker ps -a

# remove our old container
docker rm -f (container_name)

2. Verify other services

If no Docker container uses your port, it might be a native service or another application. For example, a locally installed MySQL instance might already block our Port 3306, so Docker cannot use it.

#find port 80 usage on mac or linux
sudo lsof -i -n -P | grep :80

exmaple output: com.docke 743 myusername 77u IPv6 0xa05aaf696f157485 0t0 TCP *:80 (LISTEN)

In that case, make sure to either disable these services, or maybe use a different port for your Docker container if possible.

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